Friday, 1 May 2015

To purchase the Card Holder, or Zipper pouch.

If you are planning to convert your Traveler's Notebook into a Traveler's Wallet, here's something that you might be interested.

What you see below is my Traveler's Wallet.

So what are the things you need for a Traveler's Wallet?

Top Left: Midori Passport Size Traveler's Notebook cover.

Top Right: 6-pockets Kraft Folder (optional)

Bottom Left: Card Holder

Bottom Right: Midori passport size zipper pouch
Let's take a look on how I set up my Traveler's Wallet.

The front side of Midori passport size zipper pouch has 2 card slots.
It is ideal for Identity Card and driver's license.
But for me, I put in both my Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards.

On the other side of the 2 card slots is a big pocket; there's where I put random cards in it.
On the right is the Card Holder.

This Card Holder has 10-slots and 2 inner side pockets.
Each slot is ideal for 1 (hard) card, or 2 (thin) business cards.
It has 2 inner side pockets, ideal for notes or receipts.

I have a 6-pockets Kraft folder for me to keep random pieces of papers.
Certainly, it is under utilised at the moment.

Lastly, the zipper pocket of Midori passport size zipper pouch.
This is where I store my dollar notes and coins.

If you already have a passport size, or Field Notes size Traveler's Notebook,
and you have not been using it, why not convert it into a wallet?

If you need the Midori passport zipper pouch and the card holder,
you can purchase it directly from us.

1 x Zipper pouch + 1 x Card Holder + International Postage = USD$17.20

Or if you only wants the Card Holder, it is priced as such:

1 x Card Holder + International Postage = USD$11.00

2 x Card Holders + International Postage = USD$17.20

And to place order, simply drop us an email at
Once we have received your email, we will confirm your order, and we will let you know how to make payment through Paypal.

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