Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to Order Field Notes in Singapore?

Field Notes in Singapore??

Yes, Field Notes is available in Singapore, right here at Blank and Write Shop.

How can I order the Field Notes?  

It is a 5-steps process - it's that simple.

Select the Field Notes edition that you want from the list below.

Email us ( the editions that you want and the quantity.

We will reply you with:
(a) The confirmed order;
(b) The total amount (notebooks + postage); &
(c) The payment method.

You can now make payment, and send us (1) the transaction details, and (2) your mailing address.

We will send out your Field Notes the next working day.

To check out your favourite editions, you can visit the Field Notes Shop.

Our available stocks (as of 25 May 2015):

  1. Original 3-Pack: Plain (S$15.00 per pack) = 8
  2. Original 3-Pack: Ruled (S$15.00 per pack) = 5
  3. Original 3-Pack: Graph (S$15.00 per pack) = 4
  4. Original 3-Pack: Cherry Graph (S$15.00 per pack) = 5
  5. 80-Page Steno Book (S$15.00 per book) = 3
  6. Pitch Black (S$15.00 per pack) = 13
  7. Expedition Edition (S$15.00 per pack) = 10
  8. "Pony Express' Leather Pouch (S$125.00 per piece) = 1
  9. Country Fair (S$15.00 per pack) = 2
  10. Arts and Sciences (S$16.50 per pack) = 4
  11. The "Two-Rivers" Edition (S$17.00 per pack) = 22 

If you have any questions regarding Field Notes, do drop us an email, and we will try our best to answer your enquiries.

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