Thursday, 25 June 2015

Field Notes in Singapore!!

With the arrival of the latest Field Notes Workshop Companion edition, there are some adjustments made to the quantities of our Field Notes stocks:

Our available stocks (as of 05 Aug 2015):

  1. Original 3-Pack: Plain (S$15.00 per pack) = 7
  2. Original 3-Pack: Ruled (S$15.00 per pack) = 5
  3. Original 3-Pack: Graph (S$15.00 per pack) = 3
  4. Original 3-Pack: Cherry Graph (S$15.00 per pack) = 5
  5. 80-Page Steno Book (S$15.00 per book) = 3
    (you can refer to this link to know more about the above editions)
  6. Pitch Black (S$15.00 per pack) = 7
  7. Expedition Edition (S$15.00 per pack) = 3
  8. Limited Edition - Arts and Sciences (S$16.50 per pack) = 1
  9. Limited Edition - The "Two-Rivers" Edition (S$17.00 per pack) = 12
  10. Workshop Companion Edition ($28.50 per pack) = 11
Do note that buyer will need to cover for postage charges. 

To place an order, drop us a email with the following information:
- which Field Notes will you like to purchase,
- the quantity,
- the location.

Once we've gotten your email, we will reply you with:
- the total amount inclusive of postage charges,
- the method of payment. 

Thank you for dropping by. 

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