Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Field Notes - Workshop Companion

Field Notes have launched their new Color Edition - Workshop Companion for Summer 2015. 

Blank and Write had brought in 15 sets of this (soon to be) limited edition - each set is S$28.50 (6 notebooks inside each box set.  

Check out the photos below for more details of this Workshop Companion.

Field Notes 2nd Box Set produced.

Side of the box.

A total of 6 notebooks. 

The box is tightly sealed - Took me a while to open the wrapper. 
Each notebook has its own color. 
And there's notebook indication on the notebook. 

Back of the cover contains information of each DIY Discipline.

70-lb text kraft tone "standard white kraft" body page, with dot-grid.

Doing a test on the paper with these pens.
The paper can take fountain pens very well. No bleed through. 

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